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Help build engaged, high-performing teams including ours

We have recently appointed a Customer Service Manager to assist the technical team with enhancing client management and to provide a better level of service to our clients. Sahil brings a wealth of operations and management experience to the company. We are committed to ensuring that our often very busy technical team is resourced appropriately for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Munesh Prasad / Founder


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Optimize IT systems

Managed services can also add a great deal of benefit and expertise to making your applications, data, and business more resilient. measures for managed servers.

Expanding the Company in the Pacific

We are currently in the process of expanding our company and dedicated to setting goals and pushing ourselves to new levels of success.

Achieving more Customers

By providing superior customer service and consistency in support.


  • Established team of 8 staff – most 5+ years and many 10+ years
  • A proven client service model: locally owned and operate
  • Considerable range of combined technical knowledge and experience
  • Timely response to any issues
  • Cost efficient services
  • Fixed costs for easier budgeting